How to Embed ADA Widget Pro Script On Wix

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of embedding the Ada Widget Pro script on Wix website.

Step 1: Copy your embed code from your order email or your order page

Step 2: Login to your Wix Account

If you have more than one site already in Wix, open the one you want to work with or choose a new template if you building a new site. For this example, I will choose a new template for my site


Hover your mouse on the template you chose and click on Edit


On the next screen, click on ADD

Wix Add

Once you click on ADD, go to Embed and click Embed a Widget

Wix Embed

Once you’ve clicked on Embed a Widget, your next screen should look like the one below. Note: It’s important to drag the Html box to the top right left or top-bottom right or left of your screen because anywhere on the page you leave the Html box that is where the accessibility widget will show up.

Enter Code

Click on Enter a Code. Copy the script you got from ADA Widget Pro and paste it inside the Html box after dragging the box to the corner of your screen where you want the widget to appear.

Enter Code

Once you paste the code, click on update and publish the site