We offer an ongoing 20% commission on any customers you bring to us.

Earn when you refer new customers to ADA Widget Pro, a tool to help you set up the perfect ADA Compliant website where no traces of non-compliance will be found.

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a way to collaborate by promoting ADA Widget Pro products on your platform and getting revenue from each sale. All you have to do is join the affiliate program and share your referral link anywhere your audience is concentrated. Each sale completed by the link you share will be taken into account in your personal affiliate area and will provide you revenue.

Who needs to be part of the affiliate program?

There are no limits to join the affiliate program. You can start promoting products anytime you want. The best result is usually achieved when you share the links on your own platform, blog, and social profile with an appropriate audience.


20% revenue from each sale completed by the affiliate link you share.
Unlimited amount of link sharing.
Unlimited duration of link living.

Become an affiliate

Join ADA Widget Pro affiliate program and earn 20% of every purchase or subscription tied to your referral link.